Stainless Steel Conical Dished Head

304 conical Head is a kind of stainless steel conical head. The material of 304 conical head is 304 stainless steel. 304 conical Head is widely used for vessel bottom or cover plates. With the shape of concentric cone, the toriconical head consists of a large end cone and a small end cone. Due to geometric discontinuity, the radius of curvature of the mutation, so there will be a large lateral thrust, causing a large edge stress, prone to bending, it is necessary to strengthen. The 304 conical head type is divided into CHA (30), CHA (45), CHA (60) by half angle.  
Type Dish Head/Eliptical Head /Hemispherical Head/Conical Head /Flat Bottom Head/Special Shape Head
Material (Stainless Steel):304,321,30403,316,31603 (Carbon Steel): Q245R,Q235B,Q345B,Q345R (Copper)(Aluminum)(Alloy Steel) (Customer's Request)
Forming Method Cold Pressing Or  Hot Pressing
Surface Treatment Pickling /Sand Blast/ Spray Paint /Polish
Product Features Rustproof, Good Corrosion Resistance, Anti-Wearing, Good-Appearance, Excellent Mechanical Properties,Price Discount
Application Boiler Machinery ,Electric Power, Chemical Industry ,Water Convey , Metallurgy, Sanitary Construcion
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