Segmental Heads

Formed Processing Welding Processing Head Types Material Heat Treatment
Cold Formed Hot Formed Automatic Submerged Arc Gas Shielded DC Arc Welding Argon Arc Conical Heads Elliptical Heads Hemispherical Heads Tori Spherical Heads Dished Only Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Stainless-Clad Duplex Stainless Alloy Low Alloy Steel ……… Normalizing Annealing Quenching Tempering Solid Solution PWHT
Diameter: 157 to 800 inch(Segmental sections) Thickness: 0.6 to 8inch Testing & Inspection: Ultrasonic test,Penetrant test,Radio-graphic test,Magnetic test,PMI,Physical chemical test Application Industries: Chemical Industry,New Energy,Aerospace,Military ,Nuclear Power Plant,Petroleum and petrochemical Industry,Boilers,Pressure Vessel,Food Machinery Industry Partial Data Report: ASME Section VIII,Division 1(U stamp) GB/T25198-2010 GB150-2011 GB/T16507-2013 GB/T16508-2013 Production Equipment: 39,000 Tons capability Press machine 1000 to 8000 Tons capability press machines Gas heating furnaces with Width from 87 to 300inch and Length from 98 to 300 inch Edge Folding Machines with capability from 240 to 395 inch Testing & Inspection and Welding Auxiliary devices The main products of the company are: all kinds of stainless steel head,elliptical Head, spherical head, flat bottom vessel heads,spherical dished heads, flat heads, spherical head, expansion joint, corrugated furnace and non-standard parts, and all kinds of stock heads are available for customers. Hot Tags: segmental heads, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China