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Detailed introduction An elliptical head refers to a head consisting of a half elliptical shell and a straight edge (cylindrical short section). Since the radius of curvature of the elliptic curve changes continuously, the elliptical shell is only subjected to the stress of the bovine film in its entirety, and the discontinuous stress is small due to the common tangent line at the joint between the elliptical shell and the straight side. A standard elliptical head with a ratio of long and short axes equal to 2, the edge stress at the junction of the elliptical shell and the straight edge is small and may be disregarded. It consists of a semi-elliptical spherical surface and a straight cylindrical section. It absorbs the advantages of the hemispherical head and the shallow depth of the disc-shaped head. Since the curvature of the elliptical part is smooth and continuous, the stress distribution in the head is relatively uniform. The depth BT of the elliptical head depends on the length of the ellipse and the ratio of the minor axis, ie the inner diameter of the head I): twice the depth of the head The large size (IJ, I2H), the smaller the ratio, the seal. The greater the depth of the head, the thinner the wall is, but the processing is difficult; the higher the ratio, the smaller the depth of the head, making it easy to manufacture.
Products Torispherical Head , Ellipsoidal Head, Dished Head ,Teel Hemisphere , Half Bowl , Half Sphere , Fire Pit Bowl , Hemispherical Head
Material Stainless Steel , Carbon Steel , Aluminuim , Corten Steel
Surface Treatment Natural Color , Sandblasting , Mirror Polishing , Acid  Pickling ,Etc
Connection Butt-Welding
Application Such As Fire Pit , Oil, Chemical Industry, Water Conservancy, Electric Power, Boiler, Machinery, Metallurgy, Sanitary Construction Etc.
Technology Hot Pressing , Cold Pressing
Packing Wooden Cases ,Wooden Pallet Plastic Bag Or As Per Customers Requirement
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