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The head refers to the component used to close the end of the container to isolate the inner and outer media, also known as the end cap. The heads of cylindrical containers are generally twisted housings. According to the shape of the surface of the head, it can be divided into a convex shape, a conical shape, a flat plate shape and a combined shape. A convex head refers to a head having a convex outer surface, such as a hemispherical shape, an elliptical shape, a dish shape, and a non-folded spherical head. Some cylinders use a convex-inward-facing combination bottom seal to ensure strength and meet the needs of safe use. Technical Data CR = do KR = 0,1Do SF = 3,5t or per request DH = 0,1935Do – 0,455t THi = SF + DH Technical Explanations D0 = external head diameter Di = internal head diameter CR = crown radius KR = knuckle radius SF = straight flange height DH = depth of dishing THi = total internal head height t = wall thickness Hot Tags: din 28011 torispherical head, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China