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High alloy steel spherical cover head is fabricated with high alloy material, the high alloy material includes chromium, copper, iron, molybdenum, aluminium, titanium, niobium, tungsten, nickel and nickel base alloy,etc. Nickel and nickel base alloy has special physical, dynamics and anticorrosive performance, nickel base anticorrosive alloy can bear various corrosion medium within the range of 200℃ ~ 1090℃, at the same time, keep the superior high temperature and low temperature dynamics performance. Under some strict corrosion condition, normally the stainless is the superior material which cannot be replaced. Pure nickel is applied less in the industry, but after it adds chromium, copper, iron, molybdenum, aluminium,titanium , niobium,tungsten and other elements, through solution strengthen, not only improve its dynamics performance, but also can be suitable for various corrosion medium, makes it has superior anticorrosive performance. Available Material: Steel,Stainless steel,Mild steel, Low alloy steel,Carbon steel,Clad plate,etc Available Shape:   Elliptical Dish Head Hemispherical Sphere crown Dish Head Torispherical Dish Head Flat Dish Head Punch Dish Head Conical Dish Head Processing: Hot mould pressing Cold mould pressing Cold spinning Appearance Treatment: Sandy-blasting Acid pickling Antirust treatment Standard: AISI,  ASTM,  GB,  DIN,  JIS,  ASME If you like our stainless steel head,elliptical Head, spherical head, dished head..Welcome to contact us to enjoy our professional reply, competitive price and service. Hot Tags: high alloy steel spherical crown head, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China