What are the characteristics of the use of dish heads

The dish-shaped head is also called a spherical head with a folded edge, which is composed of a spherical surface, a straight edge of a cylinder of a certain height, and a transition portion connecting the above two parts with a radius of curvature smaller than the spherical radius. Compared with the oval head, the stress distribution is not uniform, but the dish head is easy to manufacture. If the mold of the oval head has difficulty in processing, the dish head can be used instead.

At present, there are many equipments, such as water treatment equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, environmental protection equipment, etc. are using dish-shaped heads. It is believed that more and more places will be used in the future.

Disc-shaped head shows the characteristics of use:

The bottom arc of the butterfly butterfly head is not very full and looks very angular.

The height of this head is relatively short, and it is easier to operate than the normal head.

The arc is small, the appearance of the head is an arc flat bottom, and the appearance is the most beautiful.

This head has a shallow depth, so it is more cost-effective than the standard one.

The above are the characteristics of the use of dish heads. For more information, please continue to follow us.