Production process and application of stainless steel head

The head is a seal used on a pressure vessel. It is usually welded to the end of the pipe and comes in many styles. In the production process, you need to work step by step according to the production process.

The production process of the stainless steel head is: feeding, physical and chemical, material cutting, hot forging and heat treatment of the product;

The inspection steps of the head are: product inspection, product finishing, inspection of the finished product of the head, inspection, re-product inspection, re-identification; packaging steps: typing before packaging, and then shipping.

The stainless steel head is usually used to fasten the exhaust pipe of many kinds of cars. This product is also used with some products such as a taper nut, which can be used to fasten the exhaust pipe device of the car. This equipment and device at least includes a heat insulation ring connected to the car exhaust pipe in the stainless steel head. The heat insulation ring is installed in the middle of the oval stainless steel pipe and the outside of the car exhaust pipe. The one end of the stainless steel pipe is made with a tapered external thread and is evenly divided. The inside of the three petals is also tapered, and the tighter the screw taper nut is, the tighter the mechanical connection is with the insulation ring seal.

The stainless steel head is used for the following products, that is, there is a mechanical connection between the taper nut and the fastening device at the inlet of each type of exhaust pipe in the double outlet pipe. The problem that the exhaust pipe device is easily rusted and affects the appearance of the car is solved. The simple structure and convenient assembly and disassembly make the single-pipe exhaust car a double-pipe rear tail. It looks more bold in the past and is widely used in the exhaust pipes of various cars.