Metal Hemispheres

The stainless steel head has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture. It is a head without a transition flange and directly welded to the cylinder, but the joint of the non-folded head and the cylinder is greatly discontinuous due to a sudden change in shape. Therefore, the mechanical properties are relatively poor. The stainless steel head is primarily used as an intermediate head in two separate pressurized chambers within the container. Stainless steel head applications: petroleum, electronics, heating, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, sewage treatment, textile, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, pressure vessels, military and other industries. use: The head is an indispensable part of the pressure vessel equipment of petrochemical, atomic energy and food and pharmaceutical industries. ● The head is the end cap on the pressure vessel and is a major pressure-bearing component of the pressure vessel. The function is to seal. One is to make the upper and lower bottom of the tank-shaped pressure vessel, and the other is that the pipe is head-to-head. If it is not ready to extend forward, use a head to seal the pipe in a welded form. Products that are similar in function to the head have blind plates and caps, but the two products are detachable. After the head is welded, it cannot be disassembled. The matching fittings include pressure vessels, pipes, flanges, elbows, tees, and four-way products. ●The quality of the head is directly related to the long-term safe and reliable operation of the pressure vessel.   If you are interested in our products, We want to know the following details Information necessary to order heads:
  1. 1. Quantity
  2. 2. Type of Head
  3. 3. Dimensional Information (O.D., I.D., Thk., S.F., etc.)
  4. 4. Material Specifications
  5. 5. Special Tolerances or Requirements
  6. 6. Bevel Requirements
Abbreviations for sketches:
  • O.D. — Outside Diameter
  • I.D. — Inside Diameter
  • Thk. — Thickness (nominal or minimum)
  • O.A.H. — Overall Height
  • I.H. — Inside Height
  • S.F. — Straight Flange
  • R. — Radius
  • D.R. — Dish Radius
  • I.K.R. or I.C.R. — Inside Knuckle (or corner) Radius
  • I.D.D. — Inside Depth of Dish
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