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GB150-2011 head is the China present applied pressure vessel fabrication standard, it divides into four parts: Part I.: About the pressure vessel common requirement; Part II: About pressure vessel material; Part III: About pressure vessel design; Part IV: About pressure vessel fabrication, inspect, check and accept. Order, make contract evaluation; Fabrication technical process making; Re-check the fabrication material; cutting; heat treatment;welding, grinding;forging process; cold forging, hot forging;spinning process;cold spinning; hot spinning; press drum,spinning.fragment process; fragment press drum;groove;assemble welding; platicity;heat treatment; groove(dressing and grinding) process;nondestructive test, inspection(acid washing) storage; delivery; inspection. What We Have: · China Leading Producing Technology · Good Quality      · Competitive Price · Big Production Ability · Fast Delivery · Rich Production Experience · Excellent Sale and After-sale Service Our Service 1. Help customer to design, making drawing; 2. Providing free samples + dimension inspection report + material report; 3. Checking raw material, and inform customer before mass production; 4. Informing customer production schedule weekly; 5. Arrange shipment, and Inform customer in advance 7 days before finishing the order; 6. Before shipment, send the detailed product pictures, dimension inspection report, material report to customer; 7. Welcome customer inspection and the third party inspection; 8. Expressing original document; Hot Tags: GB150 standard steel dish head, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China