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Description: Nonferrous metal conical head also called non metal conical heads is mainly fabricated by nonferrous metal. The cause of the crack in the tapered head 1. The head material is unqualified; 2. Welding process or welding material selection is unreasonable; 3. The cold spinning process is unreasonable.  Production Process of Heads: The conical head is made of the corresponding conical head according to your equipment, and then the cylinder is made according to the outer circumference of the conical head. When the conical head is welded to the cylinder, the cone is firstly used. Place the head on the top of the cylinder, fix it a few more points, spot weld it, and slowly weld it. Picking steel---Cutting---Welding---Heating---Spinning---Stamping---Trimming---Defect detection--- QC --- Warehousing--- Transportation. Our Services 1. Help customer to design, making drawing; 2. Checking raw material, and inform customer before mass production; 3. Informing customer production schedule weekly; 4. Arrange shipment, and Inform customer in advance 7 days before finishing the order; 5. Welcome customer inspection and the third party inspection; 6. Expressing original document;   Purchase Tips: Quantity Type of Head Dimensional Information (O.D., I.D., Thk., S.F., etc.) Material Specifications Special Tolerances or Requirements Bevel Requirements O.D. — Outside Diameter I.D. — Inside Diameter Thk. — Thickness (nominal or minimum) O.A.H. — Overall Height I.H. — Inside Height S.F. — Straight Flange R. — Radius D.R. — Dish Radius I.K.R. or I.C.R. — Inside Knuckle (or corner) Radius I.D.D. — Inside Depth of Dish Such as: Steel hemispheres , size (Dia): 36" , wall thickness : 1/4" , quantity : 100 pieces Hot Tags: non metal conical heads, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China