Elliptical Head End Caps

2:1 Semi-Ellipsoidal Heads 2:1 Semi-Ellipsoidal heads are deeper than a torispherical head and therefore stronger and able to resist greater pressures. These heads are more difficult to form owning to the greater depth required. As a result these are more expensive to form than a torispherical head, but may allow a reduction in material thickness as the strength is greater.   Size range: 50mm-10000mm with integral formed,larger sizes with subsection formed can be specified. Thickness: 2mm--300mm   Standard: ANSI, ASME ,MSS, API, DIN, JIS, BS. AWWA Material: stainless steel,carbon steel, aluminum,special steel etc. Application: mainly for pressure vesselsin diverse industry such as oil, chemical,winery, pharmaceutical, environmental and military. Hot Tags: elliptical head end caps, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China

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