Elliptical head

Elliptical head is a head consisting of a rotating elliptical sphere and SF.

The elliptical head is second only to the hemisphere head in mechanical properties, but it is better than the dish head. Because the depth of the elliptical head is between the hemispherical and the dish head, and the requirements for stamping equipment and molds, and the difficulty of manufacturing, the elliptical head is easier than the hemisphere head, and more difficult than the dish head. In recent years, due to the use of spinning manufacturing technology, it has brought convenience to the manufacture of large-diameter oval heads. Oval heads are widely used in low and medium pressure vessels because of their comprehensive performance.

The elliptical head tends to be round under the action of internal pressure and becomes flat under the action of external pressure, which is exactly the opposite of the cylinder connected to it. That is to say, opposite radial displacements are generated at the joints, and mutual reinforcement cancels out most of the radial displacements, which reduces the circumferential compression (tension) stress of the head. The circumferential tension (compression) stress of the cylinder is reduced. Therefore, it is better to use an elliptical head, because there is no convex deformation when the elliptical head is connected to the cylinder, it has a continuous bending radius and does not generate stress; so it can be used in higher pressure vessels.

Instead of uniform force, it increases the area of ​​the head, which reduces the pressure on the head