DIN 28013 Ellipsoidal Head

Product Description Since the manufacture of large-diameter elliptical heads is limited by hydraulic presses and opening gears, and the size of the steel plates has a specified specification, when the diameter of the head exceeds a prescribed value, it is generally required to be processed by splitting. The size of the split flap and the number of flaps can be determined according to the actual conditions of each manufacturer, but must comply with the relevant provisions of JB741-80 "Technical Conditions for Steel Welded Pressure Vessels" for the weld placement of the head. In order to facilitate the construction, the sizes of the petals of the elliptical head are generally made equal in size. The splitting head is characterized in that the manufacturing method adopts a guillotine and a large-diameter top circular plate to form a belt, and the assembly method is that the port is assembled upward, and the top circular plate and the guillotine are pressed, wherein the top circular plate is divided. The belt is pressed, and then the top circular plate sets are completed, and then the pressed guar petals are directly paired to the top circular plate, and finally the whole experience is received.   The steps of the method for manufacturing the split forming head are as follows: Step 1: Make a guilloche mold according to the user's drawings and technical requirements; Step 2: Cutting the melon valve plate, the top circular plate is not blanked, and the welding drum lifting tooling is performed, and the single material plate and the three-dimensional material plate are prepared and checked; Step 3: Apply the kraft paper to the surface of the material in step 2 and polish the working surface of the mold plate mold; Step 4: press molding the cold stamping of the melon flap and the cold pressing drum of the top circular plate simultaneously; Step 5: After cutting the sides of the guilloche plate in step 4 as required, the inner shape is trimmed to form an overall shape, and two of the guilloche plates are left to be cut; Step 6: 6 slits in the middle of the top circular plate in step 4, and welded into three strips, after welding, trimming and scribing; Step 7: grouping the guilloche plate prepared in step 5 and the top circular plate prepared in step 6 into a tooling and painting, and performing a pair of top circles; Step 8: Leveling, setting the height, drawing the port cutting line on the finished end face of the top circular plate group of step 7, and inspecting the top circular plate and adjusting to pass; Step 9: cutting the top end face, cutting the small mouth of the melon according to the actual size of the top end face, and then performing the group on the melon; Step 10: After the whole group is completed in step 9, the end face is leveled, fixed, and the port cutting line is drawn, and then the overall initial inspection is performed and adjusted to pass; Step 11: Draw the opening position and check the port cutting line, then cut the port and experience the whole process; Step 12: The whole experience in the step 11 includes disassembling the sanding groove, surface pickling, partial polishing, each piece is separately accepted, and finally packed and loaded. Hot Tags: din 28013 ellipsoidal head, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China  

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