Connectors Half Spherical Heads

The head is seen as a product for sealing stainless steel pipes. That is to say, after the pipe is headed up or at both ends of a length of pipe, two stainless steel heads are welded to make a product for the container. Similar products include blind plates, caps and plugs. Stainless steel heads are an important part of the connection when the containers are connected, usually by soldering the barrels. According to different geometric shapes, it can be divided into spherical, elliptical, dish, spherical crown, cone shell and flat cover. The spherical, elliptical, dish-shaped, and spherical-shaped heads are collectively referred to as convex heads. In the welding, it is divided into a butt welding head and a socket welding head. It is currently widely used in various container equipment such as storage tanks, heat exchangers, towers, reactors, boilers and separation equipment. So far, stainless steel heads have been used in many industrial fields, including: petroleum, electronics, heating, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, sewage treatment, textiles, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, pressure vessels and military. And other industries. Product Features: Pressure resistant, used on pressure boilers. Production process: feeding - blanking - welding - grinding - pressing drum - flanging - hot pressing - cold pressing - fine grinding - trimming - pickling - acceptance - flaw detection - out of the warehouse Applicable medium: gas, liquid, steam, etc. Applications: petroleum, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other industries Head packaging: wooden boxes, cartons or other packaging Hot Tags: connectors half spherical heads, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China  

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