Aluminium Alloy Conical Head

Aluminium magnesium alloy conical head is mainly fabricated with aluminium magnesium alloy. Its advantage: The aluminium is in the air and oxidant aqueous solution medium, it produces thick aluminium oxide passive film on the surface, so it has good anticorrosive performance in the oxidant medium. The aluminium is different with ferrous steel in the low temperature, the plasticity won’t change, the aluminium vessel design temperature can achieve to -269℃, so the aluminium magnesium conical head is suitable for the product which storage temperature is low. The aluminum-magnesium alloy conical head is a conical head with a tapered surface. The utility model is characterized in that the medium can be uniformly changed in speed when passing through the medium, and the viscous liquid and the solid-containing material are easily removed, but the mechanical properties are poor, and the discontinuous stress generated by the sudden change of shape at the joint with the cylinder or the joint is large. In order to reduce the discontinuous stress, a flanged structure or a locally thickened structure may be adopted at the large end or the small end of the cone shell. Conical heads Elliptical heads Butterfly heads Hemisphere heads Caps, etc. The industries used include: petrochemical, aerospace, nuclear power, marine, steel and boiler pressure vessels.  Material: Stainless steel, carbon steel, Q345R, etc. Technics: Cold formed, hot formed Connection: Welding Shape: Equal Head Code: Square, Conical head , inverted head , CHA Product name: Pressed steel tank end dished conical head in concrete mixing machine Standard: ANSI, ASTM, DIN OEM: Available Technology: Hot pressing , cold pressing Surface treatment: Sand blasting , pickling , mirror polishing etc. Payment: T/T 30% Deposit Hot Tags: aluminium alloy conical head, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China