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Integrated composite anticorrosive layer flat cover head is mainly fabricated by austentic stainless steel and composite plate, with heating and other technical forming. Austentic stainless steel heating shall accord with the following requirement: A) Before heating, shall remove the oil dirty and other impurities on the surface totally. B) During heating process, shall not touch with fire or solid fuel directly, the heating temperature shall be even. C) It shall control neutral or slightly oxygenated in the furnace, the adopted burning gas shall be neutral or slightly oxygenated, the fuel for heating sulfur content shall be lower than 0.3%, prevent to adopt coal or coke heating. D) Not allow to heat with carbon steel head in the same furnace. E) The heating times shall not be more than twice. Processing method and processing range of the overall composite corrosion-resistant layer flat cover head:
Head Processing Classification Processing Method Processing Range Of The Head
Cold Working Cold Stamping Thickness: 2 ~ 24mm;Diameter: Φ 108 ~ Φ 3200mm
Cold Spinning Thickness: ~ 24mm; Diameter: Φ 750 ~ Φ 8800mm
Splitting Method Thickness: ~ 32mm;
Expansion Method  
Hot Working Hot Stamping Hot Stamping Thickness: ~ 250mm; Diameter: ~ Φ 3200mm
Hot Spinning Thickness: ~ 80mm; Diameter: Φ 1700 ~ Φ 4200mm
Production Process of Heads: Stainless steel dished end ellipsoidal head with spherical shape Picking steel---Cutting---Welding---Heating---Spinning---Stamping---Trimming---Defect detection--- QC --- Warehousing--- Transportation. The main products of the company are: all kinds of stainless steel head,elliptical Head, spherical head, flat bottom vessel heads,spherical dished heads, flat heads, spherical head, expansion joint, corrugated furnace and non-standard parts, and all kinds of stock heads are available for customers. Hot Tags: composite flat bottom dish head, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China