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Ellipsoidal Head Specifications
  • Materials: Ferritic, austenitic and non ferritic metals that can be cold worked.
  • Fabrication Method: cold dishing and flanging or pressing.
  • Dimensions: up to 8,000 mm diameter and 32mm thickness.
  • Edge preparation: according to your requirement.
  • Standards:ASME, ASTM, API, DIN, EN
  • Inspections: by TÜV or other inspection companies.
Spinning is to fix the flat plate or hollow blank on the mold of the spinning machine. While rotating the spindle of the random bed, press the blank with a rotating wheel or a rod to make local plastic deformation. Under the joint action of the feeding motion of the rotating wheel and the rotating motion of the blank, the local plastic deformation is gradually extended to the entire surface of the blank, and is closely attached to the mold to complete the spinning process of the part. The advantage of spinning is that the equipment and the mold are relatively simple (can be replaced by a lathe without a special spinning machine), in addition to the shape of a rotating body such as a cylindrical shape, a cone shape, a paraboloid formation or other various curves. Machining a rotating body part of a fairly complex shape. The disadvantage is low productivity and high labor intensity, which is more suitable for trial production and small batch production. Hot Tags: dished ends, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China