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Product Details
Item : Punching Pressure Boiler Oval Dished Flat Seal Bottoms Head For Oil Tank
Diameter: 12.7mm--10000mm
Thickness: 2mm--100mm
Material: Carbon Steel(A3,20#,Q235,Q345B,16Mn),
Alloy Steel(15Mo3, 15CrMoV, 35CrMoV, 45CrMo)
Stainless Steel (201,304,304L,316,316L), Etc
Surface Treatment: Sand Blasting, Transparent Oil, Rust-Proof Oil, Galvanizing, Polishing
MOQ: 5 Pieces
OEM/ODM Acceptable
Flat bottom head processing   Note on the use of the head 1. Measure the outer perimeter of the closure. If the barrel is processed in advance, please ask the production factory for the size of the outer circumference of the predetermined head; 2. Please divide the outer perimeter of the head into 4 parts and mark it on the cylinder and the head; 3. Positioning and welding the head and the barrel. The positioning point of the positioning welding should be selected by the customer according to the diameter and thickness. 4. After the positioning point welding is completed, the welding is performed. Hot Tags: hot forging press pressure vessel flat bottoms, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, made in China